Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't worry we haven't been canceled from the internet.

            Hello, my name is Gary Norton you might recognize me from the show Disabled. You know the show whose site you are currently on? YOU KNOW!?  Well either way we have some things to talk about so let’s just dive right in shall we?  As you may have noticed no new episodes have been added to the site for several weeks. This must have led to some pretty lonely and disappointing Wednesday’s and for that we are sorry. The fact is we intended to air two more episodes that would have summed up the rest of the season.  Unfortunately we ran into some technical and financial problems that have prevented us from doing our “jobs.” Currently Kyle and I are working toward a way to rectify this problem (because we are the co-creators and executive producers, ladies wink wink). We haven’t quite worked out the logistics, but we should have it all figured out within the coming weeks. Something else that is unfortunate (doubled unfortunate) is that right now our hands are full seeing as its late December. This means the issue won’t be fully worked out until at least mid January. We should have posted something sooner and let everyone who watches or more accurately the handful that watches know sooner. Honestly we thought it’d be taken care of by now.  I can tell you that the last two episodes are some of our best and that isn’t just some bullshit that I have to say, I mean I have to say it, but I would either way. It will be worth the wait once they finally come out.

                                                                                                                                  Sincerely (kind of),

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