Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Q&A

What is Disabled?

Essentially Disabled follows four friends who fake disability in order to maintain their slacker lifestyle. These are people very stuck in their ways and who are intimidated by big change, but the season/series opener finds the group dealing with just that. The show is a mixture of improv and written comedy. 

How did the show get started?

Disabled is a collaboration among friends. We have all been making short films, music videos, and things of that nature for several years. All of us previously worked on a sketch comedy show together called Voodoo Night. 

When and where will the show be available?

The series premier is October 6th on this blog. The show will be weekly so new episodes will be available every Wednesday. 

What can be expected?

The first season will be 10 episodes long each running roughly fifteen minutes. We also have some surprises planned along the way. We'd like to have some contests and live events in the near future. 

Will this blog only be used to hosts episodes?

No, we will be providing news, updates, exclusive information, photos, and videos among other things. We'd like to try and stay as in touch with the viewers as much as possible. We also want to provide them with lots of things to enjoy beyond the show and let them get lost in the Disabled world.

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys our stuff and comes back for more. There should be some promos and things of that nature up very soon. If anyone has anymore questions feel free to comment or email us. 

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